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Chronic pain isn´t just an annoyance, it´s a prison

Are You Tired Of Battling Constant Pain?

Forget the temporary fixes and discover the ultimate solution with Rolfing®


Rolfing® is more than a massage; it's a re-education of body and mind. Through fascia manipulation, Judit not only relieves pain but also restructures your body to optimally interact with gravity. Improve your posture, alleviate chronic pain, and transform how you move and feel.


with Judit Ruiz Onandi: It's Not Magic, It's Science

Do you identify with any of these situations?

  • Chronic discomfort: back, neck, knee... pain, migraines, TMJ dysfunction...

  • Needing a rehabilitation from an injury or surgery, to "regain ownership" of that part of your body that doesn't feel it belongs to you anymore.

  • Worried that you will become immobile and helpless with age.

  • Looking in the mirror and seeing that you are not "straight" or have bad posture.

  • Pain that prevents you from doing what you enjoy (running, dancing, climbing, martial arts, hiking...).

  • Troubles sleeping or with digestion.

Your Body, Reimagined

Imagine a day without the pain that holds you back. A day where you can move with the same freedom and energy of your youth. With Rolfing®, this dream can be your new reality. Reconnect with your lost vitality and rediscover what it means to live without limitations.

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What Is Rolfing?

Rolfing Structural Integration® is a unique and effective form of bodywork that focuses on restructuring the body's connective tissues to optimise alignment and function.

Through a series of sessions, I work with you to release tension, improve posture, and enhance overall well-being.


Rolf Movement™

Movement is key to a balanced body. Rolf Movement integrates mindful movement patterns to enhance the benefits of Rolfing.

Learn to move with greater ease, grace, and efficiency, fostering lasting changes in your body's structure and function.



Scars can impact the body's fascial system, creating restrictions and imbalances.

My ScarWork sessions address these issues, promoting healing and restoring harmony to the affected areas.


Visceral Manipulation

The body's organs play a crucial role in overall health.

Visceral Manipulation focuses on releasing restrictions in the organs and their surrounding tissues, promoting better organ function and overall well-being.


No-Risk Abdominals®

Experience a unique approach to core strength with our No-Risk Abdominals® program.

Gentle yet powerful, this method helps you build a strong core without the risk of strain or injury, promoting stability and support for your entire body.

Rolfing is for you if...

  • You want to reduce the chronic pain you experience and have tools at your disposal to apply when pain arrives or to prevent it.

  • You want to feel more connected with your body and empowered to use it effectively.

  • You want to feel energized in your daily life.

  • You aim to improve your posture, deepen your understanding of your body, and learn how to help yourself feel better.

  • You seek asssistance with enhancing your breathing and joint mobility and want insights on how to perform daily tasks more effectively.

  • You want to alleviate pain by working ondifferent body structures: fascia, ligaments, tendons, viscera, blood vessels, and nerves.

Rolfing Onandi

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From a young age, I immersed myself in the world of dance, progressing through modern and contemporary styles. Challenges like a mid-back spasm and foot tendonitis questioned my belief that the body is made for movement, leading me to explore the wisdom of the body through anatomy studies.

Facing various injuries as a dancer, I sought deeper understanding and ventured into the field of fascia, discovering its crucial role in bodily function and pain management. This path led me to Rolfing®, a therapy that manipulates fascia to improve the body's alignment and movement.

Now, as a Rolfing® practitioner, my goal is to help others find harmony with their bodies, embracing a life guided by their innate physical wisdom. Join me in redefining our relationship with movement and health.


Why Choose

Judit Ruiz Onandi?


Redefine Movement: Journey into Rolfing® Onandi

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Rolfing Onandi FAQ

Where can I find rolfing® near me?

Rolfing Onandi provides rolfing® treatment to customers throughout Dublin

What kinds of back therapy do you provide?

My therapies include no risk abs®, rolf movement™, scarwork and more.

Where Can You Find Us?

41, Alto Frascati,
Frascati Road
A94 K6Y7


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