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For healing ScarWork scar treatment sessions, contact Rolfing Onandi


ScarWork by Sharon Wheeler is a gentle approach dedicated to the treatment of both surgical and natural scars.

Whether resulting from Cesarean sections, appendix removals, burns, or minimally invasive spine surgeries, ScarWork addresses scars that exist beneath the skin's visible surface.

For gentle ScarWork sessions, contact Rolfing Onandi

Understanding Scar Tissue

Scar tissue, identified as dense fascia, forms to expedite the body's recovery process.

While this demonstrates the body's remarkable intelligence in keeping us alive, the resulting thick fascial connections can lead to changes in posture, reduced range of motion, diminished energy levels, or altered somatic relationships with affected areas of the body.

The Gentle Touch of ScarWork

Utilizing a light touch to minimize discomfort, ScarWork aims to induce cellular-level changes in scar tissue, seamlessly integrating it into the body's natural fascial network.

The impact extends beyond cosmetic improvements, resulting in enhanced mobility around the scarred area, with lasting changes.

The Process of ScarWork

Commencing from the superficial layer, ScarWork practitioners methodically release adhesions, progressing layer by layer deeper into the body, including the viscera. Regardless of how long a scar has been present, ScarWork can effectively integrate it into the body, emphasizing that it is never too late to address and work on scars.

For recent scars, it is advisable to wait until the doctor approves regular massage before undergoing a ScarWork session, typically a few months post-surgery. However, the option to work on scars remains available at a later time. For further insights, explore articles on ScarWork research here.


For more information on the ScarWork process, contact Rolfing Onandi

ScarWork FAQ

What is ScarWork?

ScarWork is a relaxing and soothing scar treatment service.

Where can I find ScarWork near me?

Rolfing Onandi provides ScarWork sessions to customers throughout Dublin

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