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Visceral Manipulation

For in-depth visceral manipulation sessions, contact Rolfing Onandi

Visceral Manipulation

Visceral manipulation, developed by Liz Gaggini, employs a gentle touch and deep listening to release fascial holdings around each organ.

This release in visceral fascia enhances the movement range of the surrounding area, offering a holistic approach to improving alignment and well-being.

For holistic approaches to improving alignment, contact Rolfing Onandi

Organ Functionality in the Body Hierarchy

Organs' functioning takes precedence over musculoskeletal functioning in the body's hierarchy.

Restrictions in visceral fascia disrupt an organ's normal movement, impacting the myofascial network and subsequently influencing posture as the body adapts to assist the organ's function.

Effects of Inflammation, Disease, and Injury

Inflammation, disease, and injury introduce restrictions in visceral fascia, influencing the entire body's position.

As these restrictions are alleviated, the musculoskeletal system gains options to restore better alignment, allowing for improved overall well-being.


Importance of Organ-Skeletal Relationship

The synergy between our skeletal system and organs significantly influences our posture.

Organs, crucial for their functions, rely on movement and gliding between each other during each breath to sustain optimal digestion, excretion, breathing, and overall well-being.

For more information on the effects of Organ-Skeletal relationship, inflammation, disease and injury, contact Rolfing Onandi

Visceral Manipulation FAQ

What is visceral manipulation?

Visceral manipulation is a therapy that employs a gentle touch and deep listening to release fascial holdings around each organ.

Where can I find ScarWork near me?

Rolfing Onandi provides visceral manipulation sessions to customers throughout Dublin.

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