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Rolf Movement ™

For high-quality Rolf Movement™ sessions, contact Rolfing Onandi

Rolf Movement™

Rolf Movement™ delves into our body perception, complementing tissue work with a focus on awareness.

In a Rolfing® session, a significant portion is dedicated to understanding our body's relationship with itself and the environment.

To become more aware of your body’s relationship with the envrionment, contact Rolfing Onandi

The Essence of Rolf Movement

Through Rolf Movement™, I can heighten awareness of habits and explore alternative options, paving the way for a different alignment in gravity.

Sessions can revolve around general themes or target specific areas, such as biomechanics of walking, improving golf swings, comfortable sitting, or enhancing arm movement.

Focus Areas in Rolf Movement

In a Rolf Movement™ session, emphasis is placed on preparing support and orientation for freer yet stable movement.

Whether addressing extremities that lack stability or improving articulation independence, the goal is to optimize the structures that maintain verticality while allowing other structures to relax during movement.

Rolf Movement™ vs Rolfing® Sessions

While Rolfing® addresses patterns through tissue work, Rolf Movement™ takes a more active approach, concentrating on awareness and functionality.

Both methods share the common goal of improving the flow of gravity through the body and promoting movement without unnecessary tension.

Rolf Movement™ sessions last approximately 60 minutes, requiring comfortable clothing, and can focus on a proposed theme or one identified during the session.


For further information on the differences between Rolf Movement and Rolfing®, contact Rolfing Onandi

Rolf Movement FAQ

Where can I find Rolf Movement near me?

Rolfing Onandi provides Rolf Movement sessions to customers throughout Dublin

What is the difference between Rolfing® and Rolf movement?

Rolf Movement is a more active variant of Rolfing®,

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