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About Me

About Me

My name is Judit Ruiz Onandi. I've been immersed in the world of dance since my early years, starting with classical lessons and even choreographing with my own shadow in diapers. The natural progression led me to modern and contemporary dance classes, workshops, and auditions for European companies.

My journey took an unexpected turn at ten when a gymnastic-inspired move resulted in a mid-back spasm. The doctor's advice to stop dancing was a shock, challenging my belief that the body is designed for movement. Tendonitis in my foot later brought a similar recommendation, leading me to question the notion of restricting movement.

Throughout my dance career, I faced various injuries, from torn ligaments to stress fractures, often coinciding with stressful periods. Seeking understanding, I delved into anatomy, starting with "Anatomy for Movement" by Blandine Calais-Germain. Workshops on the spine revealed the wisdom of the body, transforming how I prepared for rehearsals and performances.

Simultaneously, digestive issues plagued me. As a dancer with explosive physicality but lacking stamina, I explored becoming a No-Risk Abdominals® instructor. This journey not only strengthened my core but also alleviated stomach discomfort and improved flexibility and strength.

Driven by a desire to explore the body's capabilities, I discovered fascia—a connective tissue that surrounds every part of the body. Fascia's role in lingering pain post-injury and the impact of non-adaptable postures intrigued me, leading me to Rolfing®, a manual therapy centered on fascial manipulation.

Viewing Rolfing® as a means to restore the connection between individuals and their bodies, I aim to guide people toward a life harmonious with the wisdom of their physical beings. Join me on this transformative journey, where we recover the often overlooked relationship with our bodies and embrace a life aligned with their innate wisdom.

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