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No-Risk Abdominals®

For targeted No-Risk Abdominals® sessions, contact Rolfing Onandi

No-Risk Abdominals®

No-Risk Abdominals® is a structured class lasting 60 to 90 minutes, designed to engage abdominal muscles without risking harm to the perineum, abdominal wall, and inter-vertebral disks.

The movements involved incorporate stretching, reinforcement, relaxation, alternation, and coordination of different abdominal muscles.

For structured No-Risk Abdominals® classes, contact Rolfing Onandi

Development and Progression

Classes in No-Risk Abdominals® follow a progressive structure, evolving towards deeper and more complex patterns of movements.

The focus is not solely on strengthening the abdominal muscles but also on stretching and releasing them, promoting internal circulation of contractile masses and enhancing muscle trophicity.


Seven Key Aspects of No-Risk Abdominals®

During each class, seven crucial aspects come into play:


  • Reinforcement and stretching of abdominal muscles.

  • Alternation of contractions in different abdominal muscles, enhancing flexibility and sensitivity.

  • Coordination of skeletal and visceral roles of the abdominals, prioritizing situations that avoid perineal pressure.

  • Coordination with neighboring, opposed, or complementary muscles to enhance overall muscle engagement.

  • Integration of different breathing techniques to protect against perineal and abdominal wall pressure.

  • Coordination of abdominal muscle actions with both abdominal and thoracic breaths for adaptability.

  • Varied positions, including lying down, standing, and various unipode equilibria, triggering neuro-motor responses and preparing abdominals for everyday situations.

For more information on the key aspects of No-Risk Abdominals®, contact Rolfing Onandi

Schedule and Contact Information

No-Risk Abdominals® classes are primarily offered in private and semi-private settings, with occasional group modules on a limited time frame.

For information on upcoming events, contact

Further details about No-Risk Abdominals® can be explored at


No-Risk Abdominal® FAQ

What are No-Risk Abdominals®?

No-Risk Abdominals® is a therapy engaging abdominal muscles without causing harm.

Where can I find No-Risk Abdominal® sessions near me?

Rolfing Onandi provides No-Risk Abs® sessions to customers throughout Dublin

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