What is it?

Rolfing® Structural Integration is a form of manual therapy created by Dr. Ida P. Rolf, in which the connective tissue (fascia) is being manipulated. It seeks to give the client a better relationship with gravity and therefore better “posture”.
This better relationship with gravity frequently translates into,

  • a body that is more at ease with itself
  • energy flowing through the body in a more harmonious way
  • development of existing habits into more richly adaptable ones
  • reduction of chronic pain. Chronic pain is often related to how we stand and move in everyday life, i.e. posture. By changing posture, we are able to address issues that have been there for a long time
  • a body that is more responsive and needs less energy to stay upright, so the client feels more energised
  • more consciousness about everyday life habits regarding posture, breathing and a sense of the body in general
  • a new presence


How does it work?

The usual way of receiving Rolfing® treatments is within the 10 series format. This addresses overall objectives discussed between client and rolfer™, while at the same time each session has an underlying individual goal. We seek to work in a wholistic manner, addressing the whole person. It is a process that both rolfer™ and client share and work through together. Rolfing® reunites the client with their own body, whilst paying attention to the signals it gives and provides a way to listen to them. As well as manipulating the connective tissue, the rolfer™ helps the client identify existing postures and habits, and assists them in finding more possibilities in their bodies.
The “perfect objective posture” does not exist. What exists is a way to be in a better relationship with gravity and their bodies. In order to do that the client is an active participant in each session, so they can bring their discoveries home with them for deeper exploration. Each person is unique and therefore this format is advisable to address individual issues of each client.
Each session runs for 75 to 90 min and if you would like to do the 10 sessions, I would recommend to wait a minimum of one to two weeks between each session.


How is the 10 series organised?

The 10 series gives us a defined frame to work on the client’s needs and objectives. It is comprised of three sections:

  • Sleeve (sessions 1 to 3): We work to release tension in the superficial fascial layers and prepare the body for the deeper structures that will be worked on in the subsequent sessions.
  • Core (sessions 4 to 7): We address inner structures of the body that help maintain our posture. We work from the medial arch of the foot, through the adductors, sacrum, running up through the structures of the back, up to the head. We aim to ease the natural physiological path through the body for a tension free movement.
  • Integration (sessions 8 to 10): They are designed to provide a better understanding and connection between all the structures worked on during the previous sessions. We work on more functional aspects of the body to integrate all the changes into a meaningful reality.