No-Risk Abdominals®

What is it?

No-Risk Abdominals® is a collection of movements organized in the form of a class (with a duration of 60 to 90 minutes). The main focus is working the abdominals without risk to the perineum, abdominal wall and inter-vertebral disks. Movements combine stretching, reinforcement, relaxation, alternation and coordination of different abdominal muscles.

It is based on a protocol of 10 classes (that can be adapted to more or less, depending on the development of the class), that comprises a progression from the first till the 10th class.

Seven aspects are in play during each class:

  1. The aim is not only to reinforce the abdominal muscles, but also to stretch and release them, through constantly varying exercises. This promotes internal circulation of the contractile masses and improves the trophicity of the muscles.

  2. The contractions of different abdominal muscles are alternated. For example, the anterior and lateral abdominals, or even between the lateral abdominals themselves. This makes it possible to cross the direction of the mobilization of muscles and improves their flexibility and sensitivity.

  3. We alternate the skeletal and visceral role of the abdominals, which mobilizes the skeleton or the abdominal mass, constantly combining these two roles and choosing the situation that will not put pressure on the perineum.

  4. We always look for coordination between the abdominals and their neighbouring, opposed or complementary muscles. For example, during the contraction of the rectus abdomini, we keep the natural lordosis of the spine thanks to a contraction of the back muscles. Therefore, it is possible to feel the abdominal muscles as much as the back muscles during a class.

  5. We search for coordination of the abdominals and different types of breathing: exercises are executed during inhalation or exhalation, always intended to protect the body from pressure on the perineum and the abdominal wall.

  6. The abdominal muscles are coordinated with abdominal and thoracic breaths, to promote their adaptability.

  7. We vary the postural coordination, by changing the spacial arrangement of the body: we work lying down, standing and in various unipode equilibria. This will trigger the neuro-motor response and prepares the abdominals to react to every day situations.



I offer private and semi-private (up to 3 people) no-risk abdominals classes.

I also organize one week group modules.

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