Anatomy for Movement®

What is it?

Anatomy for Movement® is the collection of workshops for everybody designed by Blandine Calais-Germain, former dancer and physiotherapist, to teach anatomy in connection with movement. Movement is used in the workshops in different ways:

  • Movement as a didactic tool
  • Movement at the beginning or the end of the day to integrate the theory
  • Sensorial experimentation: palpation, colouring, making models, use of rhythm, sensorial recognition of movements to identify muscular contractions and stretches…

Even though the pedagogy is based on experimentation, Anatomy for Movement® workshops’ aim is to teach anatomy contents. Movement and sensorial consciousness are tools to better recognise, memorize and identify the anatomy, so they are not the main goal of the workshops.


For me

During my life as a dancer, I went through several injuries that slowly led me to learn anatomy from Blandine Calais-Germain. Since 2012 I follow anatomy for movement® classes. This knowledge changed dramatically the way I see my body and as a consequence, the physical preparations I use for a rehearsal day. On top of that, I noticed that I have less injuries now, and the injuries get also shorter to recuperate.

Since 2013, I am a no-risk abdominals® registered teacher.